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NEW How to Install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch w/o 4S Keys [FREE]

Uploaded by  on 19 Apr 2012

Install Siri on the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3g, 4g without a 4S or wasting money. This is completely free, easy and works 100%. Download Spire- For More on Tech & iOS-

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Spire is a simple installer for Siri on any iPhone or iPod on iOS 5.0. Spire downloads and installs a copy of the Siri frameworks and resources. On the iPhone 4S, it allows configuring a proxy easily.

About This Sever:
0 The server is up most of the time.
0 Free as long as you donate keys to help the birds fly.
0 Faster than the siri on a 4s.
0 Sever will update every other day to keep running without bugs. "_"
0 Easy to set up on a non-4s.
0 Easy to Help The Birds Fly.
0 Safe

What does this server do? Why is it different than any other Siri Proxy server?
This server is based on the @kmsbueromoebel proxy and Plamoni's proxy.
Personally thank @thpryrchn for guiding me in rake and gems and helping me implementing the code to Plamoni's server.
This server implements a MySQ,L database connection for storing validation data of Siri capable Devices (45 etc).
Each Key is throttled through this server enabling several client registrations and assistant object creation.
This enables more clients to connect. This is also free aslong as you donate keys.

Check out the guy who showed me this-
Donate to keep the server up and free-


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