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"Blue Busters" Long Lost Apple 80s TV Ad Shows them Taking on IBM in this Ghostbusters Spoof Featuring Steve Jobs

Despite being a teenager I absolutely love a splash of retro. That coupled with Steve Jobs and Ghostbusters equals a nerdgasm in any Apple fanboy's book. 

The TV ad shows Apple taking down the sinister looking IBM like their computers are the ghosts. Annoyed IBM customers call up Apple to exterminate their crappy, hard to use IBMs (that also have green goo coming out of them) and replace them with some swanky Apple computers. The 4 minute ad builds to a conclusion similar to that of the actual movie, with them destroying the IBM headquarters somehow at the top of the stairs on a roof. 

It features two cameos of Steve Jobs at  3:03 and 4:03 plus one of Steve Wozniak at 2:20.

"I ain't fraid a' big blue"