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New iPod Touch to be "Biggest Upgrade Ever" with New Colours, GPS, and Camera Improvements

KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi who is notoriously reliable in his predictions has released some last minute details on what he expects to be included in the next generation iPod Touch. He expects the dessign and features to be massively overhauled with New colours to attract younger buyers, GPS for better location info and an improved camera over the shoddy current one. 

  • New colors: Beyond the traditional black model and the white model added last year, Kuo expects new colors for the iPod touch in order to attract younger customers. Speculation based on part numbers has already suggested that new colors could be in the mix.
  • 4-inch display and thinner body: Apple is expected to adopt the same 4-inch display panel with in-cell touch technology that is making its way into the iPhone 5, enabling Apple to shave the iPod touch's thickness down to 6.0-6.5 mm and weight down to under 100 grams.
  • GPS: While the current iPod touch can in some cases determine fairly accurate location information based off of Wi-Fi access points, Kuo expects that the new iPod touch will incorporate built-in GPS in order to better capitalize on Apple's new Maps app.
  • Camera improvements: Kuo expects the iPod touch to adopt a FaceTime HD camera on the front, as well as a significantly upgraded 5-megapixel rear camera.
  • Cross-device compatibility: The new iPod touch may be able to easily connect with iPad and Mac hardware to serve as a game controller or other accessory. iLounge had previously reported that Apple was working on an unannounced iOS 6 feature that would increase cross-device integration using Bluetooth 4.0.
  • A5 chip: In line with a report from yesterday, Kuo claims that the new iPod touch will use the A5 system-on-a-chip, presumably the die-shrunk 32-nanometer version that debuted earlier this year in the tweaked iPad 2 and third-generation Apple TV. The iPhone 5 is expected to adopt a more powerful A6 chip.
  • Smaller dock connector: Apple's entire iOS device lineup has been rumored to be moving to a new dock connector containing just nine pins rather than the 30 pins found in the current connector. The iPod touch will of course be part of that transition.

Naturally the 4g iPod Touch will be discontinued with this upgrade as lower teired options are generally only for iPhones, which Ming-Chi concurs with. 

Via Macrumors


Finalized iPhone 5 Design Leaked

Just released images from French website seem to show the next iPhone, but with a catch. It looks like the other leaked iPhones were missing a white band that wrapped around the edges seperating the antena band and the front and back of the device. 

With only 30 minutes left until the Apple event starts, they claim it is the final design. 


High Resolution Images Show A6 chip & LTE Modem on the New iPhone

A month ago images alleged to be the next generation iPhone's logic board were leaked but were dismissed quickly because of the poor quality. But now images that show a logic board that looks no different in higher quality seems to bring validity to the claims and a bonus is that with the higher detail an LTE chip can be madeout, specifically the Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE Modem. 

If you are still doubting that the next iPhone will be gaining LTE you might want to check out some leaks from Apple's website itself. 


Apple's Website Confirms "iPhone 5" Name, LTE, iTunes 11, New iPod Touch & iPod Nano Models

Try searching Apple's site for "iphone-5" and you can be pleasantly surprised to find that Apple looks like it will be calling the next iPhone the "iPhone 5", unless they're messing with us of course. Also try searching for "LTE" and you can find this page- Traces of iTunes 11, updated iPod Touch and nano models can also be found on the tech giant's website.

Leaks from Apple's website itself are probably the most reliable source of rumours unless, again, they're messing with us... but I doubt it. 

Stay tuned to find out straight from the horses mouth, or Tim Cook as he prefers to be called. 


Live Stream and World Times for Apple's New iPhone Event

Apple's big Next iPhone event is less than a day away and I know you guys are just about as excited as me so I've prepared this timetable so you can know when the Apple event will start in your nook of the world and when I will be live tweeting. 

The event will start at 10AM in San Francisco and I will be live updating via Twitter as soon as it starts. I will also be updating you with a torrent of new videos and articles informing you on what you need to know about Apple's exciting new announcements and if you haven't already you can check out my already posted content on what to expect come Apple's event.