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Inspirational Note Given to Apple Employees on First Day Shows Apple's a Company Like no Other

We always knew Apple was a company like no other to work for by their lines of eager workers applying for a position and this is more iceing on the cake. Just like the customers, Apple employees do not just have a job just like we are not just consumers, it's more of a community that shares the love of good products. So to prepare them for it they are greeted with an awesome inspirational card to help guide them throught their Apple career and even their lives. 

You do not have to be an Apple employee to take something from this note. It shows you have to do something you're passionate about and take risks, or you'll just end up another average Joe that works at a job they hate for cash to buy heaps of crap they don't need therefore making their life totally miserable. 

With my obsession for Apple products I always wanted to work at an Apple store but never really had a chance with being so young and with so many well-qualified individules lining up. This coupled with being rejected from every other job I applied to and the fact that I'm sick of being told what to do I realised that trying to work for the average convinience store was retarded.

I knew I was heavily glued into the YouTube network and was an expert on iDevices so I started what I loved and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Now I know that I'll never apply for one of those crappy jobs again. That's the sort of thing I think the note refers to and it heavily resonates with me. Now that I'm old enough I might still apply for a position and see where it gets me as I would love to be a part of the Apple Store staff and with my obvious expertise from my YouTube and knowing more about Apple products than most of the staff in there I think I have a good chance. Of cource though, even if at the tiny slither of a chance that I get accepted I will not let it stop me from making videos because I love it. 

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