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Top 100 Cydia Tweaks for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Demonstrated with Apple-Like Finesse

This flawlessly made video glides you through all the Cydia tweaks you would ever want to know about and is akin to an Apple commercial for Jailbreaking. 

Props to the creator for taking down my video... thanks for that

Here's a copy-

The list is as follows-

zypher - forget the home button
Barrel - Add cool transitions 
Facebreak - FaceTime over 3G
AirBlue - share files over bluetooth
TruPrint - improve AirPrint capability
DoubleAt - keyboard email shortcut
KILLBACKGROUND - close all apps at once
IGOTYA - track your iphone thief
iBlacklist - block unwanted calls
AdBlocker - block unwanted Ads
icon renamer - rename your iOS Apps
MULTIICONMOVER - move multiple Icons at once on your iPhone
gridlock - put apps anywhere
take photos from any screen
add pictures to contact list
add email attachments
Winterboard - enjoy 5,000+ Winterboard themes
dreamboard - or try a whole new look
SMSMILEYS - Add Emoji Smileys
Animate - add a cool boot logo
unlockfx - unlock with cool FX
INFINITE TWEET - add long tweet functionality
WeeTrackData - track you data usage
WEESPACES - multitask from the notification screen
Color Keyboard - choose a new Keyboard Color
BytaFont - change your default Fonts
ISOUNDS - change your sounds themes
Remove Clock
Add seconds
Change Slider Name
APP STAT - log app usage
PLAY AWAKE - use your songs as a wake up call
CLEVERPIN - disable pinlock on trusted LAN
view your calendar
make quick notes
change camera shortcut
Remove the lock screen
Facial Recognition
infinidock - add more icons to the dock
IconBounce - make Apps bounce
poof - or make the disappear
launch siri from NC
launch apps from NC
WeeRoll - Ass transitions to your NC
sbrotator - rotate your iPhone springboard
DISPLAY RECORDER - record your iphone screen
Overflow - add coverflow effects to your dock
ANYVOICE - change siri' voice
GRIDTAB - preview 9 tabs in safari
SIMPLEXITY (Switcher Sense) - change your way of multitasking
MULTIFLOW - multitasking
BLURRIEDNCBACKGROUND - blurry background
Mirror Widget - add mirror
html widgets - add html widgets
FIREBREAK - add panoramic support for other devices
ZTOGGLE - add supoport to unsupported devices
RETINAPAD - make iphone apps into iPad apps
UNIBAR - search within addressbars
autocorrectionbar - add auto-correction to your iOS keyboard
or try the swype keyboard
3G UNRESTRICTOR - watch high quality youtube over 3G
MULTITUNES - sync itunes with multiple libraries
PWNTUNES - copy photos and music without itunes
Iconoclasm - go from 4x4 to 5x5
Camera Wallpaper
change your carrier name, replace your taskbar clock
LINGUAL - use siri to translate
SIRINBA - use siri to tell you the NBA scores
SIRILOVELYRICS - search lyrics using siri
Sprintomize - Customize almost everything
ANICONS - sbettings springboard toggles
XBMC - Xbox Media Center
VOICEUTILS - Reboot power off respring
SPEAK EVENTS - speak notifications
SARA - sara alternative siri for iOS deviec
ITRANSMISSION - download torrents
PROTUBE - download YouTube Videos
IFILE - Browse your File System
INTELLISCREEN - all notifications in one place
WIFI BOOSTER - boost your wifi signal
5 ICON DOCK - add another icon to the dock
SCREENDIMMER - customize your dimming options
CLEAR FAST - clear all alerts at once
I KNOW IT - one reminder for low battery
SIMANAGER - backup your contacts to sim
ISHSHIT - backup ishsh to restore to previous firmware
X-BACKUP - restore your jailbreak apps
Cydia Attacher tweak - Send Files via iMessage
WeatherIcon - Live weather Icon
CamFast - Launch Camera from Anywhere
SwitcherLand - Rotate iPhone into LandScape Mode
PhotoEnchancer - Hide Photo Albums
MusicBanners - Add Music Banners to Notification Screen

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this is great post

April 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Williams

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December 27, 2012 | Registered Commenterjohn S

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