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Jailbreak iPod Touch 5g

iPod Touch 5g

The biggest redesign the iPod Touch has ever seen had made it cost $100 more than the previous generation that is still available as a lower teir. The iPod Touch gained a 4" screen, 1080p video capture, HD Facetime, the fast A5 chip and an armband called "loop".

Released: 2012


Battery: 8 hours

Capacity: 32, 64 GB

Model No.: Unknown

Jailbreak iPod Touch 4g

iPod Touch 4g

The iPod Touch, to go along with the iPhone 4 went through a massive re-design with the beautiful retina display being added, a thinner, aluminium-backed, sharp design, two cameras, with 720p. In Late 2011 a white model was introduced, much to the disappointment of fans expecting upgrades.

Released: 2010


Battery: 7 hours

Capacity: 8, 16, 32, 64 GB

Model No.: MC54_LL/A- Black, MD05_LL/A- White

Jailbreak iPod Touch 3g

iPod Touch 3g

The iPod Touch 3g, mirroring the 3GS's only real upgrade with a faster processor that is still comparable to today's standards. Something came with it though, a massive 64GB of memory. Something not even on the bulky iPhone, so massive squeezed into such a thin device was remarkable.

Released: 2009

CPU: Samsung S5L8920

Battery: 6 hours

Capacity: 32, 64 GB

Model No.: MC086LL/A, MC008LL/A, MC011LL/A

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2g

iPod Touch 2g

The iPod Touch 2g's predecessor was meant to be a featureless, cheapie version of it's big bro the iPhone and this one introduced the features that made the iTouch into it's own product. The thin device got a speaker, more apps, volume rockers and a sexy redesign.

Released: 2008

CPU: Samsung S5L8720

Battery: 6 hours

Capacity: 8, 16, 32 GB

Model No.: MB528LL/A, MB531LL/A, MB533LL/A

Jailbreak iPod Touch 1g

iPod Touch 1g

The Original iPod Touch started off the product we all know so well today. Originally meant as a worse version of the iPhone with Steve Jobs calling it "training wheels for the iPhone" this device is by far the best and most popular iPod out there, almost completely squashing it's little bros today.

Released: 2007

CPU: Samsung S5L8900

Battery: 5 hours

Capacity: 8, 16, 32 GB

Model No.: MA623LL/A, MA627LL/A